Hot on Kaskus forum, one of Korean U-19 football team member had his bb cream wear off in the rain

Screenshot of L when camera doing close up shoot on his face, become quite a hot gossip on kaskus.

This screenshot (search it yourself, i would not post it) taken from match between AFC U-19 championhip : INA vs SK at 2013, Oct 12nd.

I will admit there are a lot of troller on kaskus, uneducated & immature supporture of INA’s national team.

They shouted this childish unsensible “boyband” to SK’s team when SK team bus arrived at stadium’s door.

But on the other side, I’m quite happy (my evil side) this thing happen. I will admit I think i’m kind of troller or feeding troller on youtube. I hate mentally disorder Korean troller who often leaving bad comment on Japanese’s vid, and even calling southeast asian as nigger. Maybe they got nouveau riche syndrome from their new status of well developed country. Yeah, I’m realized it’s probably done by teenager that mostly have unstable mentality & immature, but please how come there are so many stupid troller on net?

One of funniest childish troll is they are comparing their average height of male to japan, see? who the one who have inferiority complex here. Now i think, this stupid troll probably done by 12 years old kid.

I hope with this winning result, Korean troller will diminish their arrogancy as new well developed country.

Or maybe because their life is so hard on SK (that’s how they grow from poor to be rich country today) there are many mentally disorder troller on the net. But my assumption is badly flawed because i’ve also seen so many troller from my country.

Back to bb cream topic

It’s probably just culture shock for most of Indonesian male, to see a guy wearing bb cream (they think it’s same with face powder). I don’t see anything wrong with it, This a sport game, it’s not like he caught on steroid or criminal act. I think it’s already a cultural thing in Korea if guy using bb cream as daily basis (based on my experience watching SK’s variety show).

I think there still stereotypes of guy wearing bb cream are gay, but even he is a gay, what’s wrong with it, this is sport game, not some dating game, duh… homophobic at the best.

These day the only SK variety show that I watch is Happy Together

SK variety show make me realized how superficial their society or at least their entertainment world. Even on Running Man (not watching this often anymore) they like to call people ugly as joke, or tacky out date joke honestly.

There are one segment on new Happy Together when G4 mocking their guests showing their bad picture, what the hell. I’m glad this segment disappear from HT.  But, maybe this kind of joke works best for some people.

I will admit I like Radio star, maybe i’m kind of hypocrite, but at least they’re done it more like investigating/rude question rather than mocking on them. The guest have their chance to answered back to those rude question.

Yeah, I will admit my country comedic show is no better than them. They also like to mock on others physical trait to be funny.

But, this is already to enough to reduce my interest of K’s entertainment business, Beside a lot of their drama focus much on love/soap opera remind me of sinetron. forgot,  yeah including their heavily US influenced music.

Just enough.

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