My favourite interview

This video is great stuff for hater to watch.

Esp. on “GOSIP’ section at detik forum, duh…

I think i become a moron for responding such a trash thread. It’s clearly labelled as “gosip”, lol. Weird, it filled with such hateful post, they don’t even want to do a bit research by googling, what’s the concept of 48family. Some of the post seems to  featuring blatant hate comment without any logic reason.

Tired, and some people right, It’s no use spend your time to replying those troller, probably they jus unhappy with how their life going on. I recall my own stupidity when I heard akb48 for first time, why they need to have 48 girls on their group, then i know it’s just only name, their number even larger than 50, lol.

Then (then, then, then) I learn if they have senbatsu, even janken tournament (nice marketing trick, one of user on stage48 called it similar with experience watching your favorite sport team fighting on the scene). Why Maeda keep choosen as center eventhough she is not really that pretty imo. A lot of reason. Then how Harugon chosen becauce she cannot sing & dance, lol.

Do you ever find, member of girl group willing to do this stuff like Sashi?

I’ll admit if I dislike Sashi, esp after she won 5th senbatsu, unfair treatment for her scandal. But this girl is really  a gem at variety show, she know how to communicate with audience and win their heart, public speaking talent , maybe.

Now, i begin to love this quote : IGNORANCE is a SIN.

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