Weird Phenomenon on youtube’s comment

There are funny thing when I visited japan related topic on youtube

You can find Korean spamming those vids with comment about liancourt rocks. They do that even on Olympic promotion video, lol.

Korean keyboard warrior why you just do it on youtube, plese send your comment Japanese government, not youtube. Maybe you just want to spread news about the rocks on internet. Publicity for your country?

Recently the funny thing there are one youtube user, keep posting same comment on every Japanese idol group video about how Korean singer better than Japanese singer.

“Sohyang = 太陽 > JPOP all singers = 微生物 Differences in skills.
Objective evidence -> watch?v=42uBT6jmEI0
I’m not a liar. Only say the truth. Do you deny? You can do it, it is inferiority complex.
Come to humble next time. For Japan and J-POP.”

The funny thing is she/he  mention inferiority complex, lol.  Person who have inferiority complex calling other nation have inferiory complex. She said it is “objective”. Do you have any deep research to support your claim of “objective” ?

Please, even though I’m not Japanese, I can tell Japanese music far more advance in term of genre.  You can read my blog I was also speak in Indonesian, lol.  Just because some singer doesn’t have powerful vocal, you call them bad? ahhh.

One funny thing is some people will refer to AKB48 when they’re talking about how bad japanese idol group. Don’t make me laugh. Do your research (but I doubt a hater want to do research about them). Maeda Otsuka chosen as center because she cannot sing and dance. Will you find such a thing in your K idol group?

WHY Aki-P choose untalented (Maeda said it herself) person as center ?

Please read this translation :

He is genius, right? maybe he was studied psychology or marketing on college, lol.

And Sashi, I found it surprising how someone who can’t really sing or dance, not pretty (at least to me) can become a center because of her variety show skill. Power of fan.

so please make your comparison fair.Comparing idol group who meant to be all around entertainer (they have their variety show, drama, handshake event) to musician, what a joke.

I used to like SNSD, and some K-Pop idols but after K hater keep bitching on youtube, and some disappointment from fans who go to SNSD concert (in SM Town Jakarta). I don’t have any interest on them now.

People keep praising Big Bang and 2ne1 make great music, I don’t get it  what so great about their music, typical US Pop filled with rap, repetitive sounds.

My rant pretty obj…, oops subjective right? since I’m not Japanese, lol.

Now I begin to dislike Korean stuff, sorry no offense to Korean. Just funny how a lot of K-Pop idol entering Japanese music market, but SOME K-netizens keep leaving bad comment on J Idol group’s vid.

Oh, they also leave those hateful comments on Momoiro’s youtube vid, weird.

Momo supposed to be fun, energetic, unique different concept at every single, then come this stupid hater calling them sucks, even joking about comparing them to singer who has “broadway” type of voice. Hahahahaha.

It’s internet, LOL.

I just hate how hateful they are (not at all, maybe it just some stupid troller), but there are Lee Joon, he seems pretty nice and genuine (at least on variety show).

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