Hating on Japan, Hypocrite

same like Indonesia who hate Malay but a lot of their blue collar worker work their and earn their ringgit. Stupid hypocite, going to make long post on this.

Some Korean or Mainland Chinese (I said mainland coz it seems another Chinese in SG or Indo love Japan) keep hating on Japan, but do you remember on a mainland guy who put anti japanese product but there is a canon camera hanging in his neck, LOL… I don’t know if he just plain stupid, or maybe he think since it’s english word it’s not japanese’s product? or he just following the anti – japanese trend on Mainland ? Not the real hate just join the mob.

I must add SG chinese (sorry for generalizing, but i read a lot of stuff bout it) hate mainland chinese or maybe considered them lower than SGC. I read a lot of stuff bout mainland chinese, although I’m chinese my self, it make me think Mainland Chinese are bad or atleast most of them (the effect of Cultural Revolution?). Funny enough how people who come from same blood or ethnicity becomes so different because a place, law, and history.

would add another lines later

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