Another weird thing

How can my  keep those cocks (yeah real cocks not something between your leg) in crowded capital city without grassy land ? oh Damn. Those chicken (ayam kampung mustbe kept in kampung!!! DEFINITELY )  keep running on the small street and dispose their poop also on the street, oh my ass… Jakarta in 2013…

this is not weird thing, but my ultimate enemies in Jakarta  are mosquito, rat, ant, and maybe lizard.  Fuck those pest. How come i mentioned lizard? because they pooping everywhere in my room and they don’t even eat those mosquito, what the hell, and fucking fire ant keep bite me and spoiling my foods…

Why are there ant on my room? Because I’m poor (my definition of poor  here I can’t buy my own house, not unfortunate whose eat less than 3 times a day) and I must stored my food on my room. And rat, they reach my room by cable and entering my room via my open window (my room will be fucking hot if I close all those windows, green house without air circulation). In Jakarta, I always can take a bath after 12 A.M in cold water everyday. The exception happen when my body got sick and I have a urge to bath my self on warm water.

The weather can be more friendly if rain keep falling for days, but then you must pay higher price for Jakarta’s biggest enemy : macet (traffic jam) then flood. Fortunately my land quite high than surrounding so I don’t have problem with flood, except if I decide to take a trip around Jakarta.

About mosquito, you’d already knew it, everyone hate it.

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