Pasar Senen : solution for the poor who love (expensive) Japanese outfit

You guys probably how big fashion in Japan, they even have their own fashionable area like Harajuku where people wore unique outfit and they try to be different/stand out from the rest of the crowd.

For poor girl like me I’ve made big mistake when I visited some of japanese fashion website, Their clothes extremely good, and they pay so much attention to detail. It’s very different from cheap China’s clothing (unbranded) one that filled our country’s ITC, suck in cutting, quality (the fabric itself along with stitching). As fan of Japanese pop culture, i cannot avoid the fact of how cute their clothes that featured in Japanese magazine.

I know there are some Japanese brand ( I think the number is increasing considering how cheap mainland labor compared to Japanese labor). The famous one of course Uniqlo. But I think quality control is the one who play big part on the quality of clothes,  That’s why quality of Uniqlo is still pretty good compared to unbranded low quality Chinese products. Yeah I know, there are some great unbranded Chinese product, but I just pointed low quality ones that flooded our country’s market.

Back to the topic, Japanese clothing have great quality and there are price you must be paid for it. I’d even think some of their clothes  too expensive for some of basic model. Maybe because my country currency is suck or I just plain poor. Another factor maybe because real  made in J clothes is expensive (considering their worker salary) or maybe the brand itself overprice? xD.

The answer of this problem is Ps. Senen. I can’t read any Japanese letter but when I go ot Senen I’ve already happy enough if I’ve found a  basic T-shirt with Japanese letter tag. I can’t read any but I can recognize some Japanese letter because it different from Chinese letter/character although some of them are same (Chinese character is source for Japanese and Korean character).

The cutting of the T-shirt suit my body especially armpit zone, for dull T-shirt under 5 ribu section I just wear them mainly in my board esp. for sleep.  Better looking T-shirt definitely can be worn for outside.

There are some cute dress, various outfit you can grab from Senen, but I’m not feminine enough to wear dress, and my neighborhood filled with “katrok & norak” people ( can I call it social inequality?) I just think it’s not great to you for wearing dress if you just moving around with your leg + public transportation in Jakarta or do you want to risk wind lift up your dress ( light dress/skirt) at the public place. Maybe you can avoid it wearing heavier or tighter fabric. But oh please, such a nuisance in the era when you woman need to moving fast.

I don’t really care about the brand itself as long as it’s japanese brand or using japanese character (sounds shallow, right?), most of 2nd outfit in Senen already know about expensive brand so they can mark up the price higher than before. and I hate to see replica item on Senen (cheap replica you can notice low quality fabric + cheap feeling on it), it just destroy my image for Senen who sell original 2nd stuff +  high quality vintage stuff in affordable price for poor people like me.

btw I cannot find any item with Rp 1.000 mark again, if I find it the fabric already worn off too much to the point it suitable to become material of  handcraft item like doormat.

Did you notice how some of real vintage item have superior quality compare to mass produce nowadays item ? There are still great quality in today products but most of them/ITC items just scream sucks in my mind…

But there are some store in ITC Mangdu that sell authentic Korean item (I think the quality is on par with Japanese fashion item). So I cannot generalized all ITC items screams cheap. Lousy quality + too much bling2, norak.

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