People become nationalist on internet

I keep seeing some faggot keep attacking Lee Da Hae because her past video got uploaded into internet. People keep attacking her until now. Guys if you want to become a celebrity prepare to have super strong heart, one mistake and people will keep attacking you on internet, It’s so easy because we’re faceless in internet (unless you put your own real pic), anonymous.

I think sometiemes you don’t have “wrong” feeling when trolling or write hate comment on internet because you don’t speak it out of your mouth, just use your finger, no need to getting slapped on your face for bitching.

You can read all their harsh comment, even tell her to die (Whoah who the hell are they to tell people to die, another version of Death Note?. I started to think it will be great if there are law to punish all those fucking cruel comments.

But even Korean netizens do that on Jay Park case and T-ara.  Crazy world, tell other to die over a silly mistake. We got this greatest invention called internet, but sometimes it make me wonder why some people become more stupid on internet.

One funny comment, attacking Korean as mongoloid, oh common don’t you know southeast asian people have some of mongoloid gene on their DNA, hahaha. But it same with Indonesia, there are one of betawi people hate chinese people in Indo, lol, Didn’t her know betawi consist from mixture of various race including Chinese on past? hahaha….

Sorry  because of this case, I am kind of generalizing that Pinoy are too sensitive, rude, and some of them seems obviously stupid cannot accept the truth, joke and so proud about their ability to speak in English (sorry reminds me of asian people who like to buy European branded bag for prestige). Oh yeah can I put in under the term “Inferiority Complex” ? But even Indonesian people keep talking on English in socialite thread on detikforum,  But I cannot blame them since I write my post on English, but damn it’s Indonesian forum, I don’t know maybe they live overseas since early age, but still have some nationalist pride on them and choose to join detik forum…

Ah I got all this stuff about sociology from my college, modern colonialism. Just destroy your own language, sounds cooler when you speak English with US accent, how about British? They called it Sexy. I’m adoring who Japan who preserve their language and culture well, even they make japanese version of some english word. And nihon language sounds great on my ear.

All this stuff make me think Asian (some???) truly stupid, how modern colonialism in this world works. Make me thing P’s english have USA accent maybe? you were very proud to have no accent English, or british accent ? Sounds cool to sound sooooo US/UK… Love English best language on the earth. WTF. You are better person because you can speak English. haha.

Then continue to attack how Korean worst at English, WTF. They have their own language, why did you attack them.

Sorry for stereotyping.

It’s so easy to know someone character from internet, People can reveal their true face because they are faceless/untouched in internet. Remembering of XiaXue’s case most of guys than insult her and her friend just normal guy + family with various job.  Reminds me of quote from Cinderella’s onni : Even bad people have good side on them same like good people always have bad side.

This quote easily become one of  my favourite quote.

There always stupid people in every country, but I can’t tolerate their attack to LDH. A lot of people make fun of other race like Miley Cyrus, and one of the worst Sacha Baron Cohen, LDH just do what she being told. She just an actress. Korean variety show sometimes can be completely suck they just their think how to make their show being high in rating.

They just want to pleased their people, It was same to another asian country, again i’m generalizing but in my country our comedy show completely more rubbish than Korean. Some of joke is to imitate another race accent, make fun of other physical features. But gosh how much hate that LDH got just because your fucking Glorious English, inferior, yeah inferior…

Just spend your time to read youtube comment section featured chinese video, you will see this stupid, ignorant user who type chang ching chong. But they’re fine, They’re faceless, you are safe.

That’s why i don’t like Kang Ho Dong know, maybe he just have smart brain but uneducated or he just do what the writer or PD ask. That’s why some people complained aboutknee drop guru episode with wachowskis.

I think Asian comedy/variety show just think how to be funny, they didn’t think about sexism, or all of the social thing you get from college or book. Slapstick make my mind hurt, sometimes.

Oh yeah there are a lot of stupid people in Kaskus too, who post junk, rubbish, meaningless word, completely emoticon,  some stupid word like ikut nyimak, gan, ijin baca dulu, oh common WTF, why do you need to post such a stupid meaningless word? Need to get permission for reading a thread in kaskus, ah, lol…

Maybe the reason solely based on how to increase your post count,.  I hate those junks, i just getting more stupid from reading all of repeated words.

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