Expected too much, Tous Les Jours ID

I’ve read some reviews on openrice even 4square that said TLJ’s bakery are the best compared to other bakery.

OK, healthy claim, ok it’s tru, their bread’s texture a bit coarser than Breadtalk, indicated  the use of  natural yeast, CMIW.

But sorry their bread not really that dense enough to make you full like other reviews. And I keep read this review that stated how their bread taste so good.

There are some reviewer on openrice that have post more than 1000, one of them always write nice review, long, but just filled with praise,  maybe he is easily pleased? I must be avoided his review, sorry. He seems to be give high rating for all his food.

Their bread not bad, but I think they’re not that great compared to another bakery in mall. Even the price for some bread or pastries are more expensive, effect of cafe (larger space), perhaps? They called the cream is smell so good, but I can smell any nice butter on it, You know our traditional lapis legit that use wijsman that’s the real fragrant butter.

Maybe they taste not that good for me because they’re already in the room temperature when I bought them. I gonna stick to CF pastries I guess, cheap pastries, taste almost same with bakery stale on mall.

FYI, If you want real healthy bread, just bake your own bread using whole wheat flour, without sugar, margarine (hydrolyzed oil, google it yourself).

I must add that their red bean paste filled bread is great better than others

Come from one of island in Sumatra, I wonder how people in Java seems easily pleased with mediocre food. Maybe that’s why a lot of food business collapse after few years of running. People just go for trend, ikut-ikutan, latah.

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