Opinion: Are Korean People concern about “looks” at 1st place?

WEFEMy opinion maybe offends a lot of Korean, sounds generalizing, stereotyping but this is my real thought about Korean pop culture.

First, of course because plastic surgery is so famous in Korea, Yeah I know, another country have their own aesthetic clinic, too. Even US have “realself” such a great website to help patient sharing about their experience, review, and even get free consultation from some doctor.

But I think Korea take it to another level. OK, forget about eyelid surgery it’s so last year. How about nose job and forehead implant, fat under the eye, jaw shaving?
Actually Jaw shaving or the medic term for this CMIW oral & maxillofacial surgery is corrective surgery that commonly done for patient with some problem with their face (just google it). but, sorry in Korea this procedure seems to be take as usual procedure and become so popular.

I mean it just can be done by oral surgery specialist. I’d even read news about complication of this procedure from Korean media because unskilled doctor in this area. What make me wonder is why they shave the jaw so much? sometimes it looks so fake, like they’re trying to put anime face at real human face probable because new trend of “small face”? Although I think it really shallow to measure face attractiveness just because of size of your face, but I think i’ve fallen to this trend, because now i want to have small face too, gosh.

I really think Korean (and any other asian countries) standard of beauty really based on white racial trait. Oh common, big eyes, small face, pointy nose. Some of Asian denies this thing by providing historical evidence about their perception of beauty from ancient times. But honestly, It is so rare to find Korean with such trait. I know if some White people have large jaw, or small eyes, but think about percentage in general. But at least Korean favor pouty lips, same like White that some of them get injection in her lips.

Another think is, when I watch variety show, a lot of jokes about looks (but i cannot complaint more since my country do it a lot).

And recently Soo Young’s case. If you watch last episode of Strong Heart she shared that there is netizen that make comparison of human and God. DANG, WTF. OK Won Bin probably one of most handsome man in this world ( I think he is looking great too) but c’mon this is really fucking idiot and shallow. The new God of this netizen is Handsome Won Bin? LOL. crazy…. This thing is really make me think of Korean People as “looks” adorer.  Speechless. Make me think if this movie called Idiocracy is 100% right.

Then Ullzzang Shidae, you can think about it on your own.

My close friend share story about her girlfriend that dating with Korean guy.
at 1st his parent object their son selection of the girl because this girl come from my country (probably they think all of our 3rd world country people is poor as fuck and filled with ugly girls who cannot achieve PS? (sorry this is my assumption). Then they told their son to take this girl to meet them on face.

Then after 1st time they see this girl they immediately agree about their son’s choice of girl (now they’re already married). The son’s parent even sharing about this in their child’s wedding reception. Crazy… I’d always think In Laws will question about attitude, personality, or even job of their child’s mate. After hearing this story, I just can think  It’s all about looks in Korea.

They said it’s because competitive nature of Korean people. Maybe good looks have it place in society as a winner. Yeah, this true, I think this standard happen in around the world. But sorry, I just can think about SK who placed first at “lookism” minded.

You know, some of their girls who done plastic surgery looks really overdone, their forhead implant is too obvious ( the curve is too much). Their nose are too straight it’s kind of obvious. and cheekbone shaving, oh gosh, sudden lose of cheekbone make their looks sagging  and it really look weird. Sometimes their face looks kind of freeze I don’t know it’s because of botox or because cheekbone shaving…

Just weird. Just look at kpsurgery tumblr, some of girl turn to be quite natural, and some of them become like a dool and it’s kind of scary, but maybe they’re happy about it. It’s really different with realself when procedure done almost natural and they’re still looks like a human. One of the doctor said the enemy of good is perfect.

Brown Eyed Girls’s parody about plastic face in Korea was true and kind of funny to me.

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