Angkot to textile market “Cipadu”

After spend another hours of googling I have an twitter acoount @cipaduinfo. At first I think this twitter hadn’t updated and it’s official SNS for Cipadu textile market. Then i clicked it and it latest tweet just no more than 1 day. what a great find, i started to mention this acc for “angkot” number from Univ. Mercu to Ps. Cipadu and he/she replied my tweet so fast not like some of other blogger that don’t bother about my question.

I choose Univ. Mercu as my start point because it’s located near B03 angkot final route. then he (assumed it =him) he told me to continue my journey by taking red angkot B09 (not C01 like my previous thought. Coz i see this angkot back and forth around the road of front of Mercu)  then took white angkot C12.

I ever took angkot to Cipadu before but I think I took wrong angkot because I need 2 hours to reach Cipadu from Jakarta (you can see the distance Jakarta – Cipadu just about 15 km) and it feel like a hell. One of the my wrong step is taking Metromini 92 instead of angkot B03 because I need to walk about 500m to reach that mini bus (but they aren’t that mini, xD). and you know i just need to walk about 20m to reach B03 because yes those cars parking near my board, hahaha…

I hope I can find better quality or at least same quality catra fabric for my bed linens at lower price! Ugghhhh I must payed Rp 160 ribu for 180×200 cm size bed linens in TA, then I find there are bedding online shop that sell it just for 145 K… but i don’t know if the quality are same, since i just can see the picture but they stated it is catra fabric and the pattern was identic.

Buying things online kinda like gambling, hehe… esp if the picture of stuff that being sell enhanced with image editing program, xD. What I hated most of them just take a pic from linens catalog but did not take a snap at the fabric itself by their own camera…geez…

I’ve red it is seldom for cipadu to sell import linens fabric but in another blog they said they’ve found some imported kind of fabric there. because I don’t know why local cotton linens coarser than import (maybe because cotton fibre that being used is shorter). but I don’t mind as long as it just contain a little amound of polyester or did not contain poly at all (of course this is better). I buy one of my linens from online trader and it become coarser after i slept on it in about 3 months + few times washing suck. But one that i purchase from Surabaya (Dstorecollection) quite have nice quality it become softer after few wash ( i think he used panca or catra fabric same like the ones i bought from TA coz the handfeel is same), not become coarser and pilling like that damn sprei and the price just different about 20rb… uggh. mau untung malah buntung part. 2.

They said Tanah Abang is cheap but it wasn’t really cheap at all beside they use air conditioner and their stall rent quite expensive. In cipadu they didn’t use AC, and even lift or eska (hehe, of couse it just single floor building).

I’ve red mixed reviews from various people which stated Cipadu trader got their fabric from and tanah abang and another story which is the contrary from what i’ve stated before (Tanah Abang got their linens from Cipadu because Cipadu’s trader have their own convection). Uggh confuse…
btw of course i want to lay my body on tencel aka lyocell sheet, but I don’t have such a money, and why don’t they used rayon instead of Tencel because I think the woven fabric of Tencel is too thin and fragile (because they want it to habve silky appearance) that why some people prefer cotton to lyocel because fragile side of the fabric same like silk or sateen. I think the softness of rayon is enough for your linens. why this kind of celulose fabric is so expensive? production cost? marketing gimmick?

oh yeah i’ve read another review because it made from celulose it have hypoallergic effect to people there are one reviewer said after she used tencel sheet, she seldom get stuffy nose when she wake up.  I really have my stuffy nose in the morning ( i think i have dust allergy because i ofter wake up with stuffy nose) esp in the room with AC. But i think japanese cotton is enough for me this time coz i’m nearly poor now… why allergy must exist, damn it, yeah it make you more sensitive but at the same time make your quality of live decrease.

Wish me luck guys, xD.

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