i’m happy because i can eat everything (omnivore)


Berikut beberapa barang yang menghuni tempat yang sangat dijauhi oleh keluarga kami:

1. REGAL Marie Biscuits, kode produksi dan tanggal kadaluarsa 11 SEP 11 – C0503B, Depkes R.I. MD 627109001068, SII 0177-90, berat bersih 125 g, diproduksi oleh C.V. Jaya Abadi P.O. BOX. 6150/JKT 14061.

3. POCKY Strawberry, baik digunakan sebelum 21.02.11, kode produksi – netto 47 g, BPOM RI ML 827105009090, Diproduksi oleh Thai Glico Co., Ltd. Thailand. Diimpor oleh PT Dalya Citramandiri PO BOX 7068/JKSKL Jakarta 12240A.

coba gw baca surat pembaca ini waktu baru di publish, kan gw bisa minta gratis nih makanan haram buat gw yang “berat” beli regal sama pocky karena harganya mayan mahal… daripada dibuang kan mending buat gw, hehe…

You are what you eat, yeah this sounds like people who eat “haram” food are a bad person IMO…

half of European, East Asian, States eat a lot of them are they more pitiful than people who only consume “halal” food? Haram food make your body become sick or lack of something ??? All of food will make your body sick if you consume it too much. Same like sugar, fat (but you need a little fat to make your brain works properly)

oh yeah i don’t get why Jews got a lot of hate beside Palestine case because orthodox jews also eat  only “halal” food. Look at their taurat. It’s Jesus who allowed people to be eat any kind of animals, haha… seems like Jesus know how to live like heaven on this earth…xD. It’s really funny read a lot of hate comment about Jews, they just hate jews blatantly. But really I think jews produce some of smart person that got really rich by their invention.

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