I want T-ara Jiyeon’s nose

Her natural high nose bridge was really great… it’s not looks fake (of course coz it’s natural, hehe) compare it to Qri “Han Gain
“s nose that looks so weird.

Even i’ve found her eyes really unique bcoz it placed near between her two eyes. I hope i can afford those rhinoplasty surgery but i doubt it looks natural afterward.  Beside your surgeon skill and aesthetic feel it also depends to how your tissue heal itself. I have bulbous nose and pretty asymmetric face (yeah i know all of human face asymmetric, but mine looks quite noticeable same like Jessica SNSD or After School Lizzy).

I noticed Yesung’s nose is really weird now, i think he done something to his nose bridge… ahh stupid, whey he make it looks so fake same like Kwang Hee’nose. I don’t know how to describe their nose, but I think their nose bridge to pronounce. I don’t know if it because low skill surgeon or because they put some  shading in their nose with make up.

I have squared face and I think squared face would look more balanced if it accompanied by high bridged nose and large eyes. It’s great Jiyeon didn’t need to shave her jaw line a lot of idol and really it make their jaws looks so weird because they shaved it too much and unproportional.

btw for jawline I would like to have SES Eugene (she’s so cute and also has great nose, no wonder she become SES visual). But did eugene do something to her jawline or atleast put implant in her chin?  coz her V jawline really noticeable to my eyes and she looks quite chubby back in her SES days… I doubt it’s because weightloss coz her body not really that skinny now. You know i’ve never see gals with such great jawline. what i don’t like about jaw reshaping procedure in Korea they shave it too much and you can’t see the jawline anymore. it will be great if they make it done like eugene not just simple shaved it to achieved “small” face looks.

and for the eye shape i would like to have Adriana Lima, her eyes shape is really great at the inner corner of her eyes. Even her eyes color is great and  stand out against her olive skin and black hair. Even her low eyebrow emphasizes her eyes and make it looks like vampire eyes (in sexy way of course).

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