EunHyuk babo ya!!!

How can that IU upload their pic to twitter? hah? gosh, you must preview your picture before you upload it to SNS, right esp. if your twitter have thousands of followers. Is it do it on purpose (but I doubted it because her “innocent” image yet she is considering as Nation Little Sister (only in Korea I’ve heard this shit).

I don’t mind if you’re fucking around but please be smarter do not take risky image with same phone that you used for your fans unless you want to be 2nd Paris Hilton or Kim Kadarshian or even Edison Chen.

You must destroy any evidence of your shit and absolutely no need to produce any documentation of your sex life.

btw I’d always thought all of suju members were gay, lol. So when this picture posted at AKP, I think this is just another prank joke by suju members or maybe to prove their orientation. But now  considering IU’s image maybe EunHyuk really straight? Thx God, haha…

I watched variety show and began to think all of Suju reaction toward female guest were faked especially those master of variety show like LeeTeuk, EunHyuk, Shindong. But regarding of this situation maybe EunHyuk reaction are real just exaggerated a bit. but they really like to cry in TV make me wonder about their orientation. You know how variety star often talking about how to make things funny and act funny.

and how K-idol how often be asked about their ideal type and the name keep changing according who’re popular at the moment. Yeah it’s all lie. Look at Lee Young Dae’s pic looks like this olympic hero want to compete with EunHyuk in term of making scandal… This is real world babe, different from your fantasy .

Look at his horny face at that pic, i just bursted to laugh. IU really looks like 2nd Gilligan Cheung. gosh… that’s why i don’t really like innocent image by people. Sometimes shocking things come from this type of person, maybe it’s is law of nature, hehe… all human is an actor/actrees the differences is their acting quality. Maybe they just desperate to prove other things although it’s in bad way? Is it anthropology  or psychology? xDDD.

Scream : Eun Hyuk BABoooo

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