Korean Male Idol like to covering their armpit

It’s really awkward… Geez Honestly I don’t really like seeing hairy armpit although it is male armpit (esp. if it’s girl, jesus christ girls it’s really disgusting to me). But what bothers me, whey they need to covering it with another hand ? such a hassle, it just make the whole situation looks so awkward and make my eye focus to their armpit even more.

If you don’t like to show your hairy armpit why don’t you just avoid using sleeveless tee or SHAVE it ? I think guys who shaved their armpit looks so gay, but seeing K-Male Idol who liked act sissy and wearing thick make up I don’t think it will make them looks more gay than before.

Guy’s shaved armpit is better than guy covering their armpit with another hand when they’re wearing sleeveless shirt. Best example is Lee Joon. You’re so freaking weird joon. Just shave it and make your situations in my monitor less awkward.

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