things that I learned from Korean Talk Show

I’ve watched quite a lot of K variety show & talk show, when i watched Mblaq Idol Manager, i don’t understand they’re calling G.O rich cause his house have AC aka Air Conditioner. in Indonesia even the house with bad appearances in located in the side of polluted river (don’t think about luxurious villa beside river in hill side). I know the price for this electronic device aren’t that cheap either, but how can you call someone with AC rich ? weird or maybe because the electricity cost and the device are placed on high price in Korea?

2nd thing that burden me was “Small Face” craze, wtf…

maybe the source of this craze is Japanese manga & anime face (huge eyes, small nose & mouth, V jawline).

MBLAQ member accused Lee Joon has big face. I know all of MBLAQ’s member love to joke and play around, but really I think Lee Joon the most handsome member in MBLAQ, he has great jawline (it’s make his face really looks manly btw), even i’ve found his nose is great. Cheondung’ small face sometimes looks weird to me, because the size of his head almost same with his neck, and his nose looks big to fit her face, he really typical of those flower boy, but I don’t like them as man, kinda looks sissy to me.

Maybe they just love to played a joke on him esp because he has those great six pack. But just admitted it, he is really sexy handsome assasin, right?

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