I think the controversy behind Miss Korea 2012 is really weird (I got to knew her via Strong Heart). Are the judge stupid or just naive her face really looks like typical Korean woman who undergo aesthetic surgery (i don’t really like to use “plastic” word coz it doesn’t involve plastic at all and sounds offensive for me).

It’s her nose that really stand out to me. I don’t need her childhood pic to knew the fact…
Just look to Kwang Hee nose, oh gosh he keep saying he done nosejob for enhanced his appearance, but his nose just looks so fake, I wonder how can he do not take any revision surgery and his surgeon is stupid with no aesthetic feel in his job.

btw I wonder why miss korea often look so westernized, and it seem you can win Miss Korea is you don’t looks like half korean + half white… Just take a look at 1st runner up & 4 frunner up of Sistar. It’s clearly

The best looking nose in K-Idol now is T-ara Jiiyeon IMO. her nose has high bridge and the size is just correct and it looks so natural ( no wonder coz her nose was really a gift)

and craze about Han Gain nose. How can some actress are stupid enough to copy her little mole in their new nose. Isn’t it just will make they’re justified that something done to their nose…

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