Diamond Ice Cream : Ogura

BEST generic ice cream brand on the store today : DIAMOND

My Favourite variant is DIAMOND OGURA, the flavor of this variant is great (ogura smell is nice).

Sometimes I would like to have some shaved red bean ice, although the taste wasn’t really that great for me ( just craving for it, xD). The texture of red bean kinda leaved some starchy feel on my tounge. But mix it with ice cream and gosh it just taste great.

That’s the secret they can make quite creamy ice cream with lower price than their competitor. I can’t afford premium brand like Ben&Jerry or Haagen Dasz, so this brand is pretty great deal.

It’s really taste creamy. Not fake creamy feel that achieved by mixing too much bubbles air on it.

It worths for the price (27.800 for 1 Litre on Carrefour). Compare it to another generic brand like Walls they were selling 750ml volume ice cream with same price! And their products don’t taste that great either.

Great example & biggest disappointment : Wall’s Dreamy Creamy Choco variant. I don’t know why those choco ice cream tasted like they’re using low grades of choco or maybe expired choco. Oh my gosh.

I remember when first time I saw this brand, the packaging didn’t really appealing to me.  And this brand never put some ads on media, how can I’m sure about the taste when I’ve never heard this brand before. Kinda skeptics to this brand. After browsing about matcha green tea, I’ve found mills that discussed about matcha green tea that used by some resto or café. It turned out to be Diamond. Oh what a fool. Why don’t I try this brand since a long time ago? Diamond really need to keep their product to be not advertised like Wall’s (although Walls’ marketing strategy always works).

When I browsed supermarket’s fridge I just found out some flavours (check diamond.co.id for more info) but cannot found matcha flavour. Then I began to googling again (yeah my hubby name is google, I  interacts with him more than anyone else). So I’ve found out they’were selling under the name of “Brookfarm” premium line of Diamond’s ice cream. I cannot find it at any supermarket (if I find it I hope the price not crazily skyrocket like imported premium ice cream). I think they just sell it to Resto/Café esp Japanese Resto.

You can make your own matcha ice cream but even the price for matcha powder is quite expensive, but atleast you can using natural emulsifier which is yolk, not artificial stuff that generic ice cream brand used. You also can avoid vegetable fat added to your ice cream. Diamond add some vegetable oil (it’s written on the packaging) but at least they add real milk fat on theirs. Other generic brands just use skim milk + vegetable fats (they’d even sell it more expensive). I don’t give a shit about animal fat, after I red that some vegetable fat especially hydrogenated ones is worst ( I think this studies reliable as it’s Harvard who released it). And human were already consuming animal fat since long time ago.

Out of topic, xD

When I can’t find the matcha, then I like to try ogura (I always thinks japanese food taste great, their standard for food quite high, right?). Then here it goes my experience which I wrote above. I can finish a whole container in 1 day, and some days ago  my mouth rooftop and gum feel like have some coldburn because I eat my ice cream too much and directly after I take it from the fridge.  What make the thing worst is I like to chewing the ice cream before it melted on my mouth, hehe… Diamond ice cream quite dense enough to you chew.

Btw another taste like “The Tarik) hmmh, I’m really not fan of this taste, maybe it were better if it served as liquid than as frozen dessert. But maybe the rest of other would love this taste coz this taste not pretty common. I just don’t like slight bitter aftertaste on ice cream (that’s why I’m not a fan of choco ice cream esp. the low-grade one like Dreamy fucking creamy).

Durian taste fine, too. Same like usual ice cream on party or on ice cream  peddler. I don’t know if they put some real durian flesh or this ice cream just pure of durian artificial essence. But they stated “durian” on container ingredients info.

Vanilla : always fans of this taste, light flavour with refreshing feel. I think vanilla flavour make ice cream taste creamier maybe because it’s characteristic which is light so it’s not overshadow creamy taste on your mouth, but enhanced it. But anyone feel the aftertaste after eating too much this ice cream resulted like chemical agent feel on your mouth??? Or Is it because the sweet flavour that make other flavour even mineral water taste bitter?

Strawberry : not really fan of this flavour, they essence taste a bit too fake for me (maybe because I’d expected natural flavour after I tried those real red bean on ogura ice cream).

Vanilla + chocho chip : they just add some choco chip on vanilla ice cream. Choco chip make the ice cream afterall taste not as simple as before (although I like that kind of taste). And I always chew the chip before I swallow the whole melted ice cream. Not really a fans, but it still taste good.

I’ve not tried chocolate flavour yet, as I’m not fan of this variant. But I’ve read some review, and they say it taste quite good enough. It doesn’t taste like low quality chocolate flavouring have been added to the ice cream, :cough: dreamy creamy.

I’m aware there are many grammatical errors in my post,  so please just bear it.  I hate it when they attacks another comment on youtube just because some grammatical error out of the content of the topic on the comment itself, what an asshole. I’m not born at english speaking family  moreover country.

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