Weird friend of mine

Please be mind my english, I’m not native speaker,  I got my english subject when i was  at 4th grade in elementary school. [It’s a lot easier to translate English to Indonesia, that Indonesia to English, gosh]

[All of this words clearly comes from my own perspective, so of course this writing so subjective]….

I was living in a boarding that have 60 rooms (Jakarta, Indonesia). I was living for 4 years in this place. Why? i was studying in another province  far away from my origin place ( i can called it far away coz it takes only 55 minutes from my city to Jakarta by plane). maybe some of you already notice where i come from…

I have this friend who lived in the room beside my room (2,5 m x 2,5 m), what bother me about her, why i become a friend with this person? at frist i help her when she struggle with her Aqua water gallon (19 litre) than as time passed i just found out she’s the one kind of  childish and spoiled bitch…

I don’t know why around 1 year ago she become so stingy, she love to borrow some money little amound money from mine, and then she forgot to replace the money, It’s sensitive topic for me and i can help my self to take those money from her…i just can open my mouth and blabbing about this issue in front of her… disgusting things bout this is she have money to shops fashion stuff and travel to Singapore, but oh please my 10.000 rupiahs , you can’t afford this amount of money but yet you can travel to another country? gosh….I always pray grim reaper will take away her soul like they told in “Death Note” hehe…

so why don’t i move to another board so i can meet her? of course i’ve already considered this matter, but the others board cost more than my board, while they don’t have cheap internet bill like my board (i just pays Rp 50.000/month for internet service provider) . and this board only allowed girls to boarding here….that’s why i like it, i don’t like co-ed board, i’m a shy type person, and i cannot afford to meet my opposite sex gender neighbor when i open my door…it just awkward for me who come from small city…

I will tell another funny? or maybe damn stories about this girl later….

the points are

she was selfish, childish, stingy, simple minded, seems love to forgot returned the things she borrowed, crave for attention, and drama girl…sometime she make fun of me, damn it…maybe it’ me who looks so vulnerable and easily to make fun….























































































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